I have worked with inspiring people during my career, and I have “done several startups,” but the fact is I have never started a company with a partner I find as inspiring as Karen Barker.  Her reputation in this industry is simply jawdropping – how can someone be so much fun, so motivating for the troops, while at the same time being hard as nails when it comes to delivering on her word?  I am the business partner in this endeavor, but her operational excellence is the product I am selling.  I have never been so confident in and proud of my product.

We are going to be different.  In an industry that pays lip service we will be paying it forward.

I come from the world of technology, where scale, speed, and efficiency are synonymous with success.  If all we manage for PeopleDelight to be is large, fast, and efficient we will have fallen short.  What Karen and I are setting out to do is the opposite of what a technology company does:  we are out to provide a human, caring, empathetic service.  Oh, we’ll be enabled by all the latest and greatest tools and platforms, since that’s where we come from.  But the technology will serve the people.

I’m sure we will both be using this blog to talk about things that are important to us in the years to come.  We will also make a point of putting valuable insight here to make it easy for you to find us.

So here we go!  3-2-1…launch!