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Customer Success requires Customer Support:


Subscription revenue models have transformed how software is sold and software profits are made.  It is no longer enough to "sell" a customer, instead the customer must be made to succeed.  This realization has led to the rise of a while new business function - customer success.  But just because customer success teams have become more common, it doesn't mean that the need for great customer support has gone away.

We believe that customer success teams require a higher level of customer support performance than ever before.  That means support teams that are extremely well versed in the product.  It means agents that can toggle between multiple communication channels to answer high volume questions efficiently.  And it means agents trained to recognize upsell and cross-sell signals from engagements with business customers.

Services Often Used By SaaS Companies:

Contact Center

Virtual and facility-based agents provide solutions for your customers. Continue Reading

Technical Support

Skilled and efficient technical support agents. Continue Reading

Back Office

A full suite of administrative support functions. Continue Reading

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