About People Delight

PeopleDelight. We love our brand. It is what we do. It is who we aspire to be.
Delight is a simple goal and a hard one to achieve. To delight ourselves we can’t just punch it in, we have to love what we do and constantly find new ways for it to fulfill us.


Chief Executive Officer

I am committed to making your customers love you and having your experience with my company make you smile. I have long corporate leadership experience with customer-centric brands, primarily in commercial roles: Disney, Yahoo, The Discovery Channel.


I have succeeded and failed with previous startups so I am humble about success. I have written books on Customer Success, on SaaS Sales Organizations, and on Startups, all of which concluded, one way or another, that while technology moves fast it is human interaction that drives business. That said, they all have technology in common, and I am deeply interested in how technology can be used to make business more efficient and friendly. Much of my life has been lived as an expat. I’ve put in stints in Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Egypt, Senegal, England, Singapore, Hong Kong…and the Bay Area. I’ve forgotten a bunch of interesting languages that I studied along the way but can still get by in Spanish, French, and Chinese. I am very good at finding the middle path. I did my undergraduate at Harvard and my MBA at the University of Chicago.



Chief Operating Officer

I take the “delight” part of all this very seriously! I’ve built best-in-class global engagement centers for OpenTable, The Walt Disney Company, eHarmony, Sprint, Skout, Restoration Hardware, and Madison Reed. I am fulfilled when I fill those centers with motivated, happy, productive teams. Where others want to stay out of the weeds I dive in and figure out the nitty gritty.


My experience covers inception to design and implementation of support operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Philippines, Costa Rica, and Chile. So many air miles! And many smiles. People who have worked with me quickly find out about my “house” of costumes and party supplies, and quickly become friends with the 5 foot stuffed bear who shares my office space (his name being, wait for it… Bear). My teams look forward to every Karen&Bear(™) event. I really believe you have to go the extra mile and make your team (regardless if they are internal or vendor agents) part of your life in order to engage and inspire. I am a California native and went to school at California State University Chico. When I’m not building amazing service teams I spend time with my family in the Bay Area & Tahoe and work on special projects to improve the lives of folks with Autism.